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The EMPROSS future

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin - 

At EMPROSS we constantly response to change by being adaptive in the current environments while on the other hand maintain of area of expertise.  

Through the development of new organizations highly related to each other in terms of technologies and organizational structure, we are growing in an adaptive to the markets way, integrating into our products, services and organizations innovation, and the trends being dictated by the international and global business transformation.

The prime technology of EMPROSS is the ARIADNE Methodology. ARIADNE was the PAST, is the PRESENT, and will be the FUTURE of EMPROSS.

Moving ARIADNE from a Structured Methodology in the PAST, to an Agile and Mutational Process Methodological Framework TODAY, the next step towards the FUTURE is to develop ARIADNE as a Cloud Methodological Framework offering its innovative project management elements worldwide, multiannual, low cost, around the clock, secure and reliable over the web.

The world becomes one, and that can be changed.  We are the ones that have to change.

The NEW ARIADNE Methodology operating as a Service under Cloud Technology Architectures will provide not only project management practices for information technologies systems and investments implementation, but will be integrated with numerous of socio-economic metrics and applications that will be contributing to the development of the organizational maturity required towards managing successfully a project today of any kind, size, complexity, budget and criticality, anytime, anywhere and by anyone. 

The Future of EMPROSS is the New ARIADNE, and the New ARIADNE is a multidisciplinary integration into process, project, investment, strategy and organizational management through innovative models that will be balancing the base organizational success elements.  The Technology, the People and the Vision.