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ΑRIADNE Correlation with International Methodologies


ARIADNE as is today, can be highly correlated with a large number of information technology methodologies from the international academic, and business community.

The term ‘correlation’ refers to the proper adjustability of ARIADNE in order to support the processes and structure of another methodology.

In other words, methodologies whose goals can be achieved through the proper process adjustment of ARIADNE are correlated with ARIADNE.

Today, the following twenty four (24) methodologies are conceptually supported from ARIADNE.


  • PRINCE  
  • SE-CMM 
  • DSDM
  • SA-CMM
  • SW-CMM
  • ASAP
  • Princeton
  • ITPΜ
  • EIA / ISO 12207
  • ISO9000-3
  • RUP 
  • SISP
  • SDLC
  • I.E.
  • NASA-STD-2202-93
  • AIM
  • DοD-STD- 2167A
  • IEEE 730
  • LFA


Besides this set of methodologies, ARIADNE, with slight process modifications can cover the goals and structure of the most methodologies used in its development, as well as methodologies not belong to these sets.

The capability of this correlation is based on the fact that from the nearly 6.000 processes that exist today in ARIADNE, more than 40% of them derive from the methodologies that are completely correlated with. Those methodologies have a large number of common practices with ARIADNE. The rest of the ARIADNE processes derive exclusively from research within EMPROSS towards the development of the character, philosophy and completeness of ARIADNE.  Only a very small part of the methodology, about 5% to 10% maximum are ‘bridge’ processes, designed from EMPROSS to be used when ARIADNE has or tries to be correlated with another methodology.

The most difficult and time consuming part on building ARIADNE was the study of all processes from all methodologies ARIANDE was designed to support, as well as the processes of the methodologies that contributed to the completion of ARIADNE.  No process in ARIADNE exists without a reason.

At this point it must be mentioned that the development of ARIADNE was also based on another set of 68 other methodologies, standards, and guidelines that contributed at specific parts of the methodology and with specialized examples and related processes. Despite the fact that such a large number of methodologies was involved on the development of ARIADNE, the methodology has its own style, character, structure and culture.

The other twenty-six (26) methodologies that are not supported directly by ARIADNE, but contributed to the development of the methodology are the following:


  • ITIL 
  • IPM
  • AUSGuidelines
  • BPMM  
  • TenStep Methodology 
  • ITPC
  • ISS
  • 5 STEPS 
  • CBAM
  • MIL-HNDBK-781
  • COCOMO  
  • ΝΑΤΟ AQAP 130
  • PMSM
  • FPA
  • CALS
  • SDPP 
  • DοD-STD-2168.
  • MITP
  • RDPP 
  • PMM
  • ISPL



From the 24+26+64 = 114 methodologies used in the development of ARIADNE, the following four are considered to be the ones that inspired EMPROSS the most :  

  1. SEFER is a methodology for the management of the development and acquisition of information systems.  The methodology was developed by Methoda Computers for the Ministry of Finance in Israel.  Very soon SEFER was used throughout the government becoming the most significant standard of the Israeli Information Technology Community. EMPROSS was inspired by SEFER on the concept that one methodology can be used for the management of both the development and acquisition process of information technology projects and based on that, the ARAIDNE-PM and the ARIADNE –SE were developed.
  2. The DoD2167 was developed at the United States Department of Defense to support the software development effort.  Very soon the standard was the base for many other standards to be developed not only in the defense sector throughout the United States and aboard.  EMPROSS was inspired by the well defined development process DoD2167A had and based on the ARIADNE –SE was designed.
  3. The CMM (Capability Maturity Model) was developed from the Software Engineering Institute at USA, and it is considered the best standard / model that can support an organization to a gradual and adjustable maturity development.   The CMM Models cover many project management dimensions from systems development, to systems acquisition even human resource management.    EMPROSS was inspired by the CMM five levels of process maturity and based on that developed the five versions of the ARIADNE Methodologies.
  4. PRINCE was developed by the Central Computing and Communications Authority in Great Britain for project management.  Even that PRINCE claims that it is a general project management methodology and not specifically an IT methodology, the IT sector has widely adopted PRINCE due to its strong and well defined project monitoring and management structure concepts.  EMPROSS was inspired by PRINCE organizational management and developed the project and product management approaches in ARIADNE.