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The entire ARIADNE methodology has been developed by EMPROSS Strategic Information Technology Consultants, and specifically for the Managing Director of EMPROSS Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos who conceived the structure of the methodology along with its innovative and break-through concepts (versions, dimensions, EMPPROSS Matrix, Unidimensional Matrix, ASPAM, Cost Model, Adjustability Methods, etc).

ARIADNE was developed for more than four years by a specialized process engineering team at EMPROSS in order to reach this point (and will keen on being improved in order to stay innovative and  state-of-the-art as long as possible).

It should be mentioned that EMPROSS is an organization totally committed to the development of process models towards the management of technocratic investments.

The goal of the company is to develop a methodology capable enough to be used in every type of:

  • Information technology project
  • Information technology project category
  • Project complexity
  • Project technology
  • Project budget
  • Project schedule
  • Quality assurance requirement
  • Personnel restrictions
  • Knowledge restrictions
  • Project productivity and effectiveness goals
  • Project success goals

Through the combination the many process models that support ARIADNE-SE and ARIADNE-PM at all of their versions, there is no information technology project, project constraint, or project goal in ether the development, acquisition of management a technocratic initially, that can not be fully supported and approached by ARIADNE.


ARIADNE is primarily supported by two (2) methodologies, the ARIADNE-SEand the ARIADNE-PM.

Every methodology has twenty (20) process models supporting it and five versions for every process model.

So there are (only for the software intensive projects) :

2 Χ 20 Χ 5 = 200     Process Models for the Development and Acquisition of any type of information technology in five different versions.

Having explained that when using ARIADNE and organization has the capability to select from one process model of any version up to all process models from any version, that gives as a very large number of combinations which are all the possible choices than can be made. 

In other words an organization that needs to manage a project has at least :

         540   = 9.094.947.017.729.282.379.150.390.625 ways of using ARIADNE towards project management

There is Definitely ONE that Fits You !!! 

Note : These choices are only for the management of the software intensive project.   ARIADNE supports with other 200 processes models which they also have five (5) versions each, giving the same large figure of combinations which are actual choices, to manage NON-Software Intensive Projects.  These are projects that software is not the prime characteristic (such as network installation, data entry, digitization, archiving, studies, hardware architecture, integrated solutions, etc).