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The ARIADNE-PM (Project Management) Methodology

ARIADNE-PM, is the ARIADNE methodology that supports primarily organizations not developing technology since they have either limited resources, know-how, and capability or the development process is not part of the organizations operations plan.   Theses organizations do not have structured internal IT departments that can support of fulfil development or even project management needs.  They usually restrict the activities of their IT professionals, if any, to support their users.

Other reasons than organizations might not have the capability of need to develop technology can be the following:

  • Information systems are rarely developed
  • Personnel can not be reserved for systems development
  • The technologies that exist in the organizations are straight forward and need not much effort in maintenance
  • There is not a serious reason, for the organization, to invest in an internal development unit.

On the other hand these organizations want to be able to manage successfully the information technology projects that they acquire when they decide.  Project management to theses organizations is like investment management.  Time, budget and quality are very important factors and need to be assured in every project.   Such goals can only be obtained if the following processes are executed and manage correctly:

  • The requirements of the project during its tendering process
  • The cost estimation and cost management of the project during the planning and implementation phases
  • The management of the Request for Proposals (RFP) process and the evaluations of the proposals / bids
  • The development of the contract and the management of the project based on the developer’s contractual requirements and obligations
  • The quality assurance of the project
  • The assurance of the project’s operations
  • The assurance of the whole investment related to the project.

The ARIADNE-PM Methodology helps an organization manage successfully all the above issues under a very large number of project and organizational constraints.

ARIADNE-PM, is composed out of the following twenty (20) phases for the project management and project acquisition management effort in information technology projects.

  • Project Assessment
  • Project Management Structure
  • Multiple Projects Management
  • Project Planning
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Inspections
  • Change Management
  • Tender Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Contract Management
  • Subcontracting Management
  • Risk Management
  • Prototype Management
  • Project Metrics
  • Quality Management
  • Communication Management
  • Peer Reviews
  • IT Libraries Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Project Evaluation

There is no technical description of each phases of the ARIADNE-PM Methodology at this document, since this is a brief presentation of the entire methodological concept of ARIADNE.   Technical documentation of each phase is available on other publications.

The following figure presents the conceptual structure of the ARIADNE-PM Methodology and the process of using the methodology phases, based on dependencies, during the management of a project.