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The ARIADNE-SE (Systems Engineering) Methodology

ARIADNE-SE, is the Methodology of ARIADNE that supports primarily organizations that develop information systems, under any type of systems development process (parameterization, coding, COTS, etc) for internal or external (products and services) purposes through structured or established information technology units or departments.

In this case organizations develop their own technology because:

  • Does not want to depend on each technology provider
  • Does not want to disseminate the organizational internal technological strategy, structure and operations.
  • Considers that the acquisition of an information technology system through a supplier creates a long lasting dependency of the organization upon the supplier
  • Wants to control all technological and technocratic investments
  • Wants to be independent from other technology providers.

On the other hand such organizations might also support internal technology development not only for the above reasons but primarily for the ones that follow:

  • There are many projects to be developed and it is better to be developed internally
  • There is a team in the organization that can carry on the responsibilities of systems development
  • A structured information technology department needs to exist not only for the development of the technologies but also for their maintenance of the ones that will interlay be developed as well as the once that will be acquired.
  • Needs to secure the organizations know-how
  • Needs not develop products and services
  • There is no reason not to invest in the creation of an internal team of systems development and maintenance when there are many and other technological projects or a promising market.

The ARIADNE-SE Methodology helps an organization manage successfully all the above issues under a very large number of project and organizational constraints.

ARIADNE-SE, is composed out of the following twenty (20) phases for managing the development process on  information technology projects.

  • Product Assessment
  • Project Development Structure
  • Requirements Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Design
  • Systems Prototyping
  • Systems Coding
  • Systems Parameterization
  • H/W Acceptance & Validation
  • Systems Testing
  • Systems Installation
  • Systems Documentation
  • Training
  • Systems Acceptance / Delivery
  • Post Completion Analysis
  • Systems Migration
  • Systems Operation
  • Systems Re-usability
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Maintenance.

There is no technical description of each phases of the ARIADNE-SE Methodology, in this document, since this is a brief presentation of the entire methodological concept of ARIADNE.   Technical documentation of each phase is available on other publications.

The following figure presents the conceptual structure of the ARIADNE-SE Methodology and the process of using the methodology phases, based on dependencies, during the development of a project.