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Structure of the ARIADNE Process Models

Each process model in the ARIADNE Methodology represents a Project Phase (a set of project phases compose a methodology or a methodological approach) containg a number of process elements such as the phase implementation stages, the stage steps (processes) for the execution of each stage, the stage deliverables, the stage restrictions, inspections, meetings, milestones and other elements that support the stage implementation. 

The execution of all phase stages support the implementation of the phase, and the execution of all phases support the implementation of the methodology.

The structure of each process model varies upon the version of each model significantly.

The first figure presents the structure of a process model in the Advanced version, while the second  figure  presents the structure of the same process model in the Comprehensive Version.  

Structure of an ARIADNE Process Model in the Advanced Version

Structure of an ARIADNE Process Model in the Comprehensive Version