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Goals from the Methodology Presentation

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate the entire logic, philosophy and innovation that exists within ARIADNE on every level, type and way and  also its application and adaptation to real project constraints.

The presentation of the ARIADNE-ΡΜ and the ARIADNE-SE methodologies specifically will give an analytical justification for the reasons that made necessary the separation of ARIADNE into two specific and practical methodologies.

The presentation does not aim to present all phases and stages of the methodology in technical detail since the size of the presentation will exponentially grow while on the other hand it will redirect the presentation’s goal from a business and practical perspective to a technical one.

Most of the information given through this presentation emphasizes on the way the methodology is used and the project management goals that can be achieved via its proper usage.

More than six different types of using ARIADNE by adjusting it to each project goals and constraints, will be presented, covering almost all possible ways of using it and all possible project management goals and needs that could possible come up even form the most anti-methodological project managers or users.

The presentation also covers the costological model of ARIADNE, giving to organizations that found the methodology interesting a practical way to calculate its cost and the relationship of the process adjustability factor with the cost adjustability factor.

The presentation closes with a short company profile of EMPROSS, the developer of ARIADNE, and an also brief presentation of EMPROSS products and Services.