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Methodological Approaches Supported by ARIADNE

All methodologies supported by ARIADNE or have been used in the development of ARIADNE represent a wide range of methodological approaches, in the development and acquisition of information systems.

Specifically the development process is approached by some methodologies using the waterfall models, others using the Spiral, other with the Rapid Prototyping, others with the Re-usability models, and others with many other models.

This management approach polyphony creates a consideration on what type of development model or methodological approach characterizes the ARIADNE Methodology.

The structure of ARIADNE and the logic behind its developed is in such a way that can give the methodology the capability to be used under many methodological approaches.

As previously mentioned ARIADNE is composed out of 40 autonomous process models.   This autonomy that each process modes have places very few restrictions on the way the methodology will be shaped towards reaching a specific project goal.

For example, if an organization has selected a set of ten or fifteen process models from the ARIADNE-SE methodology to create a methodology that will use for a specific project, then these process models can be transformed into many methodological approaches based on the type of the project.

In order for this to happen, a minimum set of ten process models is required. If that is not possible, then the Waterfall Model is the one that is strongly recommended since it leaves not much room for failure, it always makes sense and it is easily adaptable.

Most of the Methodological Approaches supported by ARIADNE, specifically in the development process are the following:

  • Waterfall
  • Spiral
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Rapid Development
  • Intermezo
  • Incremental Development
  • Extreme Programming
  • Evolutionary Development
  • Formal Transformation
  • Reuse Development

If the conceptual model of the ARIADNE-SE methodology is closely studied, it can be seen that all the infrastructure processes are there, capable enough to transform the waterfall that seems to be the prime methodological approach into many other development approaches (following figure).

At this point in must be stated that the methodological approaches are much more suitable to the development processes that the acquisition ones.  The management of the system acquisition process is primarily characterized by a set of parallel process supporting the systems development effort.  On the other hand, the management of the development process has a very wide range of approaches since they are also linked to the acquisition methods demanded by the customer (Spiral to work with prototypes first, Waterfall to take it easy, Rapid Development to take quick and small results, etc).