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The Relationship of the ARIADNE Methodology with the Princess Ariadne Myth


The ARIADNE methodology functions very much like Princess ARIADNE.  The methodology uses its processes to help an organization get out of the project management complexity, just like Princesses Ariadne used the thread to help Theseus to get out of the labyrinth.

There are many projects today, in many organizations with uncertain closing dates, budgets and acceptance criteria.  These projects are lost in the labyrinth of insufficient project management by both customers and suppliers.  This project management complexity, often characterized as the software crisis, drives many projects to be sacrificed to the Minotaur as either abandon, incomplete, and purely developed.

On the other hand, projects that follow methodological approaches in project management, like ARIADNE, and probably others too, have control of theirs projects using the methodology as Theseus used Princess Ariadne thread to get out of the labyrinth.  A labyrinth that almost all organization enters at once after decide to implement and IT project, knowing that the way out of it can not be harmless.