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Navigating through the ARIADNE Versions and Process Models

All ARIADNE process models at all versions (except the Simple version which is based on an one Phase Document) can pass through all adjustability methods.

If for example an organization needs to acquire only the Testing Process for Software intensive projects, but for financial or organizational reasons needs only to purchase the Basic version of the Testing Process Model, the this selection on both the specific processes model and under a specific version can be made with no restrictions and requirements.

The ARIADNE navigation map helps an organization understand the positioning of each ARIADNE process model in the entire ARIADNE Methodology processes and versions structure ( following figure ). 

This ARIADNE structure might give the idea that ARIADNE, has almost infinite process combinations and many more adjustability methods.   Even that this is fascinating, it might also seem quite complex and risky.

The combinations on selecting ARIADNE processes are indeed quite many as well as the adjustability methods.  The complexity of the methodology is actually virtual since it is almost impossible to have to deal with all process combinations. 

The proper selection of the ARIADNE process models is heavily based on the organization’s needs and process elimination techniques offered by ARIADNE.  If the organization has an idea of the project management goals for a specific process then the selection of the proper processes is quite a simple task.

But even if the organization is not capable for any reason to identify the project needs, ARIADNE can support the organization by selecting the processes after a project assessment using ASPAM.

This advantage of ARIADNE for automatic process selection through ASPAM, might be considered as an disadvantage from the well matured organizations that have specific management requirements and expectations.

There are many cases that organizations are very mature, understand perfectly software engineering and project management, as well as the acquisition process, with much experience on working with methodologies and in the past and in the present.

These types of organizations theoretically seem not to need help from ARIADNE, but practically these organizations are the ones that use ARIADNE to the best. 

These are the organizations that have all the maturity one needs to test ARIADNE, judge the methodology, and stress to the limits the adjustability methods the methodology offers.   These are the organizations with methodological conscience that can understand and respect the role of the methodology in a project. 

These organizations are the best customers of EMPROSS with long lasting relationship.