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Categories of Projects Supported by ARIADNE

The ARIADNE Methodology can be used to manage any type of information technology project regardless the technology being used to develop it or the process to acquire it.  Some of the categories of projects that can be supported by ARIADNE are the following:

  • Multi-functional Parameterizable systems such as  ERP, CRM, WMS, GIS, MIS HRM, etc.
  • All type of system development processes such as custom development, development via re-usability, development via the integration of various and different subsystems (COTS technology), web based development and other.
  • Information Technology Services projects such as archiving, network management, digitization, data entry, studies, etc.
  • Hardware oriented projects such as network installation, hardware installation, integrated solutions, telecommunications, etc.

In general ARIADNE has the capability to cover all types of information technology projects under all types of technologies regardless the size and complexity of each project.