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Selective Process Selection, Integration and Transformation

This type of method for using ARIADNE seems quite complex in the beginning but it is one of ARIADNE’s breakthrough innovations which brings out the absolute adjustability and flexibility capability of the methodology.

Assume that organization has developed a methodology for systems acquisition management, in which there is a number of systems development processes embedded in it, such as the system testing, the requirements management, and others that could help the organization perform better acquisition management by understanding the way specific technical (development) processes work.  In this case the question can be how the organization does use the development processes of the acquisition processes and how the acquisition process on the development ones. 

Since no process cycle can be formed due to the fact that the processes are heterogeneous, the problems becomes quite complex .

The organization has the capability to expand the acquisition effort in to more technical terms, understanding and monitoring the supplier better, but the way the different types of process can work together seems to create more problems that the ones intended to solve. 

Solutions into so practical but also so complex considerations can be given only through the usage of the ΕMPPROS Matrix.