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The ARIADNE Methodology is a project management methodology for the development and acquisition process of information systems and technological investments.   The methodology is separated into two prime sub-methodologies that can cover any type of information technology project, process and investment.

The first one, the ARIADNE-PM (Project Management), approaches completely the processes related primarily to the management of information systems acquisition projects.   Organizations that can use this methodology are actually characterized as customers or clients of the organizations that develop technology.  These are the ones that purchase technology or invest on a technological and technocratic corporate initiative and investment.

The second one, the ARIADNE-SE (Systems Engineering), approaches completely the processes related to the development of an information system.  This methodology can be primarily used towards the management of the engineering process by organizations that develop technology for either internal or external projects or products.  These organizational are considered to be the technology providers to internal (inter-departmental) or external (other organizations) customers.

The ARIADNE methodology has been developed in its current version after seven years of exhaustive research and development, completely financed by  EMPROSS SITC and its Managing Director Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos.