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The ARIADNE Methodology

The ARIADNE Methodology®


A Technocratic Investments Project Management Methodology

for the Information Systems

Development and Acquisition Process 

The ARIADNE Methodology is a very large and honorable chapter of EMPROSS.    ARIADNE combines a number of innovative project management concepts and structures in a unique integration and harmony not found in no other methodology and methodological framework worldwide. 


The Issue:  Managing a project can be more difficult than implementing the project itself. Managing ICT projects is actually managing complexity which can be very risky financially and operationally.  Nearly 80% of the ICT projects failed due to poor project management.  NASA on a specific project only had 70% budget overruns, and some time ago, the US DoD had only 3% of its project implemented on time, budget and quality. Those statistics get very scary when they measure ITC projects implementation at a time where most organizations have to either invest on ICT or go out of business.  Most existing management practices are still bureaucratic and affordable only by large organizations.  As of today ICT project management is a luxury for most organizations who seek the faster cheaper better methodology.      Read more...

A detailed presentation of the ARIADNE methodology in concept is presented trough the following chapter-pages :


1. Subject of the Methodology

2. Goals from the Methodology Presentation

3. The name of the Methodology

3.1 The Story of ARIADNE, Princes of Crete

3.2 The Relationship of the ARIADNE Methodology with the Princess Ariadne Myth

4. ARIADNE Goals and Objectives

5. The ARIADNE-PM (Project Management) Methodology

6. The ARIADNE-SE (Systems Engineering) Methodology

7. ARIADNE Potential Users

8. The ARIADNE Methodology Versions

9. Structure of the ARIADNE Process Models

10. The ARIADNE Structure in Numbers

11. Categories of Projects Supported by ARIADNE  

12. ARIADNE Adjustability Methods

12.1 Method 1.  The Complete Usage of ARIADNE

12.2 Method 2.  A Selective Usage of Process Models based on an ARIADNE Methodology

12.3 Method 3.  Selective Usage of Process Models without a base Methodology

12.4 Method 4.  The Assessment Driven Selective Usage of Process Models without a base Methodology

12.4.1 The ASPAM Assessment Methodology on Systems Development and Acquisition Processes

12.5  Method 5.   Selective Process Selection, Integration and Transformation

12.6 Method 6. The EMPPROS MATRIX

12.7 Method 7.  A Unidirectional Approach on Project Management

12.7.1 The Uni-dimensional EMPROSS Matrix

13. Navigating through the ARIADNE Versions and Process Models

14. Adjustability of ARIADNE on Other International Methodologies

15. ΑRIADNE Correlation with International Methodologies

16. Methodological Approaches Supported by ARIADNE

17. The ARIADNE Costological Model


19. The Next ARCHETYPICAL Version of ARIADNE

20. Intellectual Property Rights on ARIADNE

21. ARIADNE Supportive References