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The ASPAM Assessment Methodology on Systems Development and Acquisition Processes

The selection of the proper process models as well as their adjustability on the needs of an organization is done in ARIADNE using the ASPAM(Adjusted Software Process Assessment Model Methodology). ASPAM was presented at the 7th International Conference on Software Quality in Helsinki, after an exhaustive reviewing process.


The basic principle of ASPAM is the adjustability of assessment processes trough a number of criteria that themselves re-adjust the assessment process and its execution upon factors such as the number of employees in an organization using technology, the organizational maturity of project management or on structure systems development, the project size, the project schedule, the overall experience of the organization under process management practices, etc.

ASPAM does not actually takes a specific and strict world famous assessment methodology that places all organizations at the same level giving as result a take-it or leave-it experts opinion.

The adjustability on the assessment findings is an innovative concept inASPAM which allows corrective actions to the information the assessment used to create the results.  This capability to work out fuzzy concepts and solve misunderstandings, are concepts not available in no other assessment model in the world.

Finally a critical but useful advantage of ASPAM is that during the categorization and evaluation of the findings, key participants join the assessment and participate in order to correct any misunderstandings and error during the assessment and not after it.

ASPAM actually provides the most to the adjustability concept that characterizes ARIADNE.  ASPAM has the capability to predict precisely the real needs of an organization as well as a process plan, that will be supported with ARIADNE development and or acquisition processes covering the organization process needs.