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The Uni-dimensional EMPROSS Matrix

 The Uni-dimensional EMPPROS Matrix is based on processes of only on one of the two ARIADNE Methodologies (ARIADNE-PM, ARIADNE-SE).

In this version of the Matrix the axis that has no processes is replaced with a number of project and organizational constraints or with other factors that affect the development of the acquisition process of an information system (figure 1). 

Some of the elements that can be used in the free axis of the Uni-dimensional Matrix are the following:

  • Budget of the Project
  • Schedule of the Project
  • Standards Compliance
  • Complexity Management
  • Human Resource Management


These elements, and many more, can be interpreted under any project management dimension (development and acquisition).

 Figure 1 : Using the EMPROSS MATRIX on Uni-dimensional Process Management

Figure 2 interprets the contents of the Unidirectional Matrix only in a top to bottom direction, giving the following methodological approach towards the management of a project:  Project Tracking will be performed only towards managing the implementation schedule of the project and the compliance of the related to the project standards.  Attention will be given in changes on the budget, schedule and human resources management while no project constraint will be approached with quality assurance practices. Finally the contract management processes will be activated and used only when the project schedule is affected.

Figure 2 : Uni-dimensional EMPROSS MATRIX Interpretation