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An Unidirectional Approach on Project Management

A project management methodology does not need to be applied on both management dimensions (development and acquisition) even if that is the most common situation (one buys and one sells, even internally).  There can be cases that an organization might need to manage a project only from one dimension, either the development or the acquisition dimension.  In this case ARIADNE offers the capability for an organization to use only ARIADNE-SE or ARIADNE-PM process models, and even apply them on the most powerful tool of ARIADNE, the EMPPROSS Matrix.

The EMPPROS Matrix has the capability to be used even if the project management processes derived from ASPAM or from the organization itself belong all to one management dimension regardless the number of process models.

The EMPPROS Matrix can be used even if only two systems acquisition of system development process models exit.  This special version of the EMPPROS Matrix is called the Uni-dimensional EMPPROSMatrix.