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The development of ARIADNE is a lifelong project at EMPROSS, running in the fast track of innovative ideas and concepts.

The next major version of the methodology will be based on the existing work and the productivity data gathered from its application world-wide in order to be transformed into an integrated model supporting the management of information technology strategy planning and execution.

This new version will be based on the usage of archetypical models that will transform the methodology into an amazing alchemistic approach. 

The capability to interpret the signs of the everyday life and to foresee errors of weakness or improvement needs in a project, a team, an organization and even in a society is what brings the total control of the mass and restricts the stupidity.

Organizations fail not because they can not solve their problems but because they can not identify them.

The new ARIADNE, that has already begin to be developed and expected to be completed in the next three years, will have exactly this capability.  The methodology will be capable of developing, evaluating and using patterns and patents of behaviours and events in multiple levels and meanings.

The identification and the analysis of the stereotypes, the codification of the events into patterns, and the archetypical analysis of them are basic factors for the creation of archetypical prototypes which consciously or unconsciously auto-generated and auto-executed through the implementation of the ARIADNE Methodology.  

The next goal on ARIADNE will be for ARIADNE to have the capability to totally manage the knowledge around it.  This knowledge, creates an automatic transformation of an organizational self learning, through the maturity of the organization to manage projects, technological investments and technocratic strategies successfully.