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ARIADNE Potential Users

 Besides the fact that ARIADNE can be used by all types of technocratic oriented organizations, for the development and or acquisition of information systems for any organizational purpose, there are specific users within those organizations that can be considered as the most suitable to promote and support the adaptation of ARIADNE in the organization.  

The profile of theses users is based on the technocratic maturity they must have.  ARIADNE users need to have a clear vision of their personal and organizational goals.  

Such users can be the Managing Directors of organizations, the financial managers, the information technology managers, the procurement managers, external consultants, strategic development managers, quality assurance managers, and all other professionals capable enough to support the technocratic revolution and strategic development of the organization. 

Besides the front-line technocratic organizational management, ARIADNE can also be supported by the Public Relations Managers and the Human Resources Managers by disseminating the structured and well defined operational environment that could exist in the organization, assuring to the stockholders that they have done the correct investment, and to the personnel that a promising and not chaotic working environment exits for them.