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The ARIADNE Methodology Versions

The forty (40) process models that support the ARIADNE Methodology [ARIADNE-PM(20)  and ARIADNE-SE (20) ] form the base of the methodology which provides the capability to be used in a number of combinations towards the development of adjustable versions of the ARIADNE methodology based on the needs, capability and goals of any project and / or organization.

In order to achieve this adjustability ARIADNE has developed all forty (40) process models through a set of five (5) different versions that can cover the needs of any organization.

The versions of ARIADNE are actually a kind of pre-parameterized methodologies for specific organizational and project sizes and management expectations.

  • The first version is called ‘Advanced’ and presents a totally well structured, documented, and supported set process elements on every process model.  This version is usually applied in large scale projects or in project with quite complexity on their requirements.
  • The second version is called ‘Complete’, and it is a subset of the Advanced version with modifications that make it more practical to be used in large projects.
  • The third version is called ‘Comprehensive’, and is a subset of the Complete version of the methodology.   It is designed to be used easily and practically at all types of projects.
  • The fourth version is called ‘Basic’, and it is a subset of the Comprehensive version with the minimum methodological structure to be used primarily in small projects or light project management.
  • The last ‘fifth’ version is called ‘Simple’ and is a minimal subset of the Basic version of the methodology that can be used either by totally beginners in project management by process or in very small projects.   This version of the methodology is actually an ‘one phase document’ methodology, which means that every phases is managed by the development of one document.  The document template guides the project manager to perform the processes needed to fill up the document and perform project management at the same time.

The following figure presents all five version of the ARIADNE Methodology, which are actually twenty versions if we consider that both methodological approaches (ARIADNE-PM and ARIADNE-SE) give ten (120) versions, which can be multiplied by two (2), which are the types of projects the methodology supports (software oriented projects and non-software oriented projects).  

If we consider that each version of the methodology has forty (40) process models then we are having 40 X 20 = 800 hundred process models that can be used towards the development of any methodology that can support the needs of any organizations with any project.