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The Assessment Driven Selective Usage of Process Models without a base Methodology

If an organization does not have the proper maturity or capability to compose a methodology by selecting freely process models from ARIADNE-SE and ARIADNE-PM, it is wise to seek for some king of help to do so.  In this case ARIADNE offers a utility assessment which helps define the maturity of the organization to use ARIADNE and process models in particular.

The assessment is a fast but comprehensive diagnosis of the current practices and methods for managing the development and acquisition process in an organization.   This diagnosis identifies the strong and week process management points in the organization.   Keeping the strong points, a number of process models are selected to support the process management maturity in the organization. 

In general the assessment is a very important process which does not present in a theoretical level the process improvement points but defends the findings with metrics, data, facts, examples and analysis, leaving no question why a process needs improvement or stand good as it is.