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The ARIADNE Costological Model

The same flexibility and combinations of our solution is also built in the ARIADNE pricing model.   The methodology costs according to the number of phases and processes used to create the proper methodology to manage a specific project. 

An ARIADNE methodology can have 5 processes or 5.000 processes, can cost 1.000 € and 1.000.000 €, can be used in projects of 10.000 € budget and in projects of 100.000.000 €, in projects with 1 staff month effort and in projects with 5.000 staff months, in small organizations and in huge organizations, etc.  An average version of the methodology will sell at 200.000-500.000€ depending on the software supporting it.

As of 1.1.2008 Ariadne is not sold as a methodology any longer.   Ariadne is sold only as a service offered by EMPROSS to the client organizations, with the same costological flexibility (processes used).

Ariadne will be sold as a methodology again once a web based, intelligent and secure methodology generator based on the Ariadne processes, is completed by EMPROSS.